We have a home in Weymouth, enjoying regular visits throughout the year for many years.

Peaceful, quiet and relaxing. Last year we were disappointed to see the helter skelter and other loud so-called amusements on the beach.

Certainly, not what we’ve come to expect from this delightful traditional seaside resort. Now it’s back again this year. Not sure what’s happened to the Weymouth we’ve loved for so long.

So many properties in the town closed down and boarded up. Many places looking derelict, which is sad. Far too many clubs, pubs and bars, many painted in that dreary battleship grey which looks depressing.

We should bring back all the interesting places to visit in the town, rather than buildings that look uninviting.

There’s also far too many estate agents and charity shops which are taking over the town.

Christine Partridge

St. Albans, Hertfordshire