Well spoken, Councillor David Gray, regarding affordable housing on the plans for Roman Road.

However, the powers-that-be in Dorset need to address not only affordable housing but also social housing.

Many young working families are being priced out of the area where they have been born and raised due to rising house and rent prices that are beyond local wages.

The average private rental in Weymouth and Portland for a three bedroom house is approximately one thousand pounds, and, in some cases exclusive of council tax, which we know is the third highest in the country.

In the case of a single, working parent with children this parent would need over one thousand pounds before paying anything else, such as food, clothing and heating etc.

Should they earn twenty thousand a year their take home pay each month would be one thousand four hundred and thirty seven pounds. This leaves just four hundred and thirty seven pounds to live on. The extra to make it liveable is made up with Universal Credits. However these have a cap placed upon them. We know from the Budget Universal Credits have been reduced and National Insurance has gone up.

These families in rentals live year to year constantly worried about eviction particularly the no fault section 21. They know if they cannot afford the rent someone else will come along willing to pay more.

Weymouth and Portland need not only affordable housing but social housing for the less fortunate low paid. Many of these being key workers as well as local people.

When working families are let down due to lack of housing, the wider community is also let down for it is these working families that will provide the workforce for our needs. This is particularly so for the care industry.

Constant procrastination by our councillors and politicians will only exacerbate the problem. It is no good waiting until you have families living on the streets before you do something.

A concerned great grandmother