AS I sit back in my twilight years I can take a broader view of our country and society in general.
It seems to me that we are governed by a parliament which blunders from one subject to another without any overall plan and the media endorse that with their headline-grabbing news items and editorial comment.
During the past ten years we have opened our doors to ten million immigrants whilst at the same time our services have been cut with a complete disregard to the increased demand.
More recently we have taken in thousands of Syrian, Afgan and Hong Kong refugees and not to overlook the thousands arriving across the channel each week.  Now we are taking in 250,000 Ukranian refugees.

I have no problem with the humanitarian motivation but we must have a plan to expand our infrastructure to meet this demand and with that will come a cost.
Let us not forget the 270,000 homeless people already in Great Britain.
All these millions of refugees will have immediate access to all social services which includes registering with the local GP.

Appointments at GP surgeries have already become extremely difficult with the lucky patients receiving a phone consultation. What is the plan to expand GP surgeries?
Many have complained about the increase in NI contributions. How do they think these additional services are to be paid for?
The only solution our Government can come up with is to borrow and borrow.

Our national debt almost exceeds  our GDP and we pay eye-watering amounts in interest (£6.1billion a month).

At this rate we will be no better than Greece and with that decline will come a great fall in living standards. Compare with your own home budget.

Once you have maxed out all your credit cards (with 37% interest) and exhausted other forms of loan there is only one end. Bankruptcy!
I’m sure the country will be fine in the short term as we can continue borrowing but who knows.

Peter Tarrant