After years of austerity it is not surprising that the police are a bit thin on the ground but nevertheless they are still providing a good service when they can.

A couple of weeks ago my husband made his daily call to a frail friend of ours and having had no reply to four attempts to contact him went with our carer to check his house.

When they arrived they found the house completely locked up but could see our friend lying on the floor. As they pondered what to do next a police car came down the hill and the carer attracted its attention.

The car stopped and three constables jumped out and one checked the front door, calling a locksmith to avoid damaging the door, another checked the neighbour for a key and the third went round the back of the house and was able to reassure our friend that help was on its way and called an ambulance.

My husband and carer came home at that point. The locksmith arrived, the ambulance arrived and by the time our friend was transported to hospital a new lock had been fitted and he was given the new keys to take with him.

Later on, one of the constables rang my husband to update him on where our friend had been taken and had contacted his son.

We were so impressed by the speed and efficiency of the operation that I felt I had to write to you.

Kay Churchman