In a ‘teaser’ for the publicity shy Prince Harry’s NBC interview, the Duke of Sussex claims that he wants to ensure that his grandmother, The Queen, is ‘protected’ and has the right people around her.

Protected from whom, Harry? The people who have done nothing but cause embarrassment and pain to her and her late husband, Prince Philip, with their endless moaning and complaining since they quit as working members of the the Royal Family two years ago, in search of a more private life away from the glare of publicity?

(Which is laughable given the way the pair have courted - pun intended - the spotlight at every opportunity since they set up their own court close to La-La Land).

One thing we can be sure of, is that, unless they are reined in, given their predilection for taking centre stage, Harry and Meghan will grab every opportunity to hijack the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations and make it about themselves rather than the lady who has served this nation unstintingly for the last 70 years.

Surely it cannot be mere coincidence that the Duchess’s first name begins with Me?


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