Like Alvin Hopper I was interested in the picture in ‘Looking Back’ of Boot Hill in the snow and the Lea-Francis.

My late husband and I had two local Lea-Francis cars the same model as shown 1950 both EFX number plates.

We did quite a few shows in the local area, but one car was off the road needing restoration.

We put an advert in the Echo to start a vehicle club in Weymouth, to which we had several replies, and that was the start of the Weymouth Vehicle Preservation Society, which is still going today, as you feature it every so often in your paper and has raised thousands of pounds for charity.

I’m very proud my late husband was the founding member of the club, but praise must go to the late Len Melling and all the members for running it for all these years.

Eventually we sold both Leafs, the one that needed work went back to Coventry, (where they were made), to be restored. The other was sold to a famous TV Doctor.

Just a thought, what will happen to all the vehicles with the petrol changes, it would be sad to see them go.

Georgina Wilton

Oakbury Drive, Weymouth