How right Chris Loder is to call for an urgent review of the Dorset Local Plan in order to discontinue the proposed 4,000-homes north of Dorchester development proposal and to call for an urgent review of the emerging Dorset Local Plan.

But as an applicant who has spent 20 years attempting to obtain permission for a unique mixed-use development of local housing and much needed new commercial buildings in the centre of Bridport, we would however question his commitment to the concept of local houses for local people.

Our MP is at least consistent in his message - we have heard him talk before about the dangers of allowing free rein to ‘mega developers’ so we had expected some active support for our scheme to regenerate St Michael’s Trading Estate.

But we continue to struggle to gain support from either the local MP or Dorset Council in our ongoing attempts to build 48 houses and 44 apartments as part of our overall plan to regenerate St Michael’s.

These plans were first mooted in 2002 and we have gone through four planning applications during that time but have somehow failed to convince the planning authority that the future of St Michael’s is not sustainable without such a regeneration programme.

This is a scheme that will provide homes for the people of Bridport, secure the long-term future of our 83 tenants on the trading estate and offers a real chance to provide local housing for local people.

Perhaps in addition to pointing to the North Dorchester development as being the wrong way to proceed, Mr Loder might point to St Michael’s as an example of the right way.

Norman Hayward

Hayward & Co, Bridport