I’D LIKE to say how amazed and impressed I was, and can only guess that my fellow bus passengers felt the same ilk, at our bus driver, Tim (First Bus), on our bus journey on Saturday May 7th at 2.15pm from Bridport to Weymouth.

On our journey at Swyre, just before 3pm, we came across a serious motorbike accident on this part of the coastal road. Emergency services were already in attendance to help this seriously injured motorbiker. Within minutes of our bus being unable to continue its journey, for obvious reasons, thankfully the air ambulance arrived also.

A police woman promptly came towards our bus to speak and inform our driver Tim of the serious situation ahead so he, in turn, could repeat back to his superiors at the Bus Depot and he advised how best we could continue our bus journey.

Meanwhile further medical help was being given to the injured biker - who in turn was speedily transported by air ambulance to Southampton Hospital. I wish the biker well and hope he makes a full recovery.

The driver was given instruction from First to reverse the bus and drive back to Bridport: he walked several yards back down the road to do his homework about how he was going to reverse on this narrow, precarious road.

Luckily, at the location he was sizing up was a wider entrance to the road from a campsite. That said, though, he had a double decker bus three quarters full of people which he had to reverse backwards several yards before turning the bus back around to go back to Bridport.

He was amazingly brave and confident and he managed it with complete professionalism: of someone who knew his driver's job completely.

Needless to say he then drove us all back to Bridport and took the main road back to Weymouth: turning right in Martinstown to go across the country lanes and drop back down to Chickerell which he steadily did: getting back on his usual road route to allow people to alight at their bus stops.

To my mind he should be commended for doing his public job magnificently in looking after the public in a very difficult situation.

G Penwell

Victoria Street