In 2022 there is a belief that everyone is online because every time you ring up the bank or energy providers, NHS, or even entertainment venues they all say to go online.

The only problem is many people aren’t technologically minded or even own a computer.

My mum is 91 and hasn’t even got a mobile phone and every time she rings BT or the bank or rings a provider for help, after over an hour on the phone waiting for someone to answer, it always comes to go online.

So what does one do when you can’t go online?

When you try to make an appointment for your doctor’s surgery you have to use eConsult online.

For appointments with NHS consultations or assessments they want you to go on line but the problem is what do people do when they can’t go online?

I think for many elderly people and even the generation after online is an absolute nightmare simply because they haven’t got a computer or don’t know how to use one.

Not only is online a pain but also the fact that when elderly can’t hear or see how can they speak to a provider on the phone, and if a relative or friend tries to help and has to get them to give permission over the phone, it is a complete nightmare not being able to hear what the person is saying.

People keep saying how wonderful progress and technology is but it certainly makes like so complicated and one wonders if the good old days and ways of doing things are far easier and less stressful


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