I WENT to our tourist office in  Bridport to renew a parking permit only to be told that they were now obsolete and I was given a form to use the internet to apply for one online. 

Apart from the fact that there are many older people who don’t want to or can’t use the internet, the shocking part of this was the huge price rise from £32 a year to £78! A 120% rise. What kind of justification is there for this?

Many of us are living on fixed incomes and we will find it difficult to afford this. 
The other point is that despite climate change activists, we need our cars as the bus services in this county are nothing short of appalling, so we need to park somewhere to use local services and go shopping. 

Additionally, there are many like myself who are disabled and we need our cars to simply get about and frequently have to use council car parks. 

This council (Dorset) has one of the highest taxes in the country, even more than London’s Westminster, and we are sick of being constantly pressured to pay even more for services which are constantly rising. 

Lawrence Moore