Only Boris Johnson would say that 148 Conservative MPs having no confidence in his leadership is a good result.

Just over 40 per cent don’t like him.

I say to those MPs: become independents until the next general election or join another party.

Personally, I don’t think Keir Starmer is much better as he won’t consider the possibility of re-joining the European Union.

And yet Brexit has been a total failure.

Boris’s supporters say, he got Brexit done.

He handled the Covid outbreak exceptionally (well, for a man who said it was nothing more than a flu).

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, should he stand again, I strongly suspect will lose his seat.

They keep telling us we have the fastest growing economy within the G7. Have we? We have stagnation.

We have to force a general election and those 40 per cent of Conservative MPs could do that by leaving the party.

Boris would then have no overall majority.

Economists and their like believe we are heading into hard times that could last many years.

Do you really think Boris Johnson is going to makes matters better? I don’t.

I can not see any other Conservative leader ever being able to pick up the pieces.

Let us, the public, now have our vote.

Let the other parties explain how they would ‘hopefully’ do better. I will remind you, we were the second strongest economy within the EU and third largest member, population-wise.

Boris’s bounce back Britain is now bankrupt.


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