Well Boris Johnson survives the latest vote of confidence by Conservative MPs.

It would seem the MPs voting against him did so because they do not trust him with the way he’s behaved over Partygate.

May I suggest that most people throughout the country however, that whilst they too do not trust him they perhaps are more concerned with his policies or lack thereof.

What he now needs to do is instruct the NHS, hospitals, and GP surgeries to return to working in the way they used to before Covid.

He also needs to cut general taxes, rescind the national insurance tax on working people, restore the triple lock for pensioners and reduce or eliminate completely the green taxes on the cost of energy.

He needs to put back the target date for the carbon zero policy to a time when many other countries in the world intend to introduce the policy.

By being world leaders in this we are unnecessarily crippling our economy.

Stop providing finance to local councils to introduce unnecessary cycle lanes.

He also needs to stop proposing many of the woke policies that his wife is persuading him to introduce.

Only when he gets back to introducing conservative policies will he heal the wounds that he has inflicted upon himself and persuade the electorate that the Conservative party is electable once again.


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