With Boris Johnson winning the no confidence vote, one thing has struck me – the number of people still using his Brexit success as an excuse for him to stay on as PM.

For goodness sake, is that the only reason to keep this man in office?

Many voters questioned in the street used this excuse, and some Tories too.

Sorry, but we’ve had Brexit, and whatever happens in the future should not be coloured by it.

I feel suitable alternatives to Johnson are cast aside because they are Remainers, regardless of Johnson’s cavalier attitude to his job ever since.

No wonder the Tories are in the mess they are and no wonder this country is in the mess it is if people cannot see beyond Brexit-related issues when deciding what constitutes a good prime minister.

Brexit is this country’s greatest folly, and continuing to use it as a reason for this country’s leadership is just going to lead to further stagnation.

Is Johnson worth it that much?


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