As Father’s Day approaches, I’m thinking about the joy my children bring to my life.

Their energy, enthusiasm, and the happiness they take from even the smallest of things all give me hope for the future.

And hope is important. We are living through challenging times in a world devastated by war and food insecurity – as well as the cost of living crisis affecting many people here in the UK.

I support Mary’s Meals because this wonderful charity is a beacon of hope around the world. With the promise of a daily meal in a place of education, hungry children are attracted into the classroom where they have the energy to learn their way to a brighter future.

It costs Mary’s Meals just 8 pence to serve a life-changing meal to a hungry child, meaning every donation to the charity – no matter how small – can make an enormous difference.

Please join me in supporting the Hope Conquers Fear campaign, so that Mary’s Meals can keep its promise to the 2,279,941 children who rely on a daily meal.

For more information or to order a digital gift for Father’s Day, please visit

Gary Maclean

The National Chef of Scotland and MasterChef champion