Nicola Sturgeon and her campaign to make Scotland an independent country makes no sense.

The problem the SNP have, they claim, is being told what to do from Westminster.

I believe the real problem they have is with the Conservatives.

SNP say Scotland wants to be in the EU.

Fair enough, then every ‘Remainer’ should get behind the Liberal Democrats, as they want the whole of the UK back within the European Union not just Scotland- retaining a United Kingdom.

Sadly, as ever, Labour will not commit to being supportive of us being full members of the EU.

The Liberals used to be the real opposition to the Conservatives, not Labour.

They have a much longer history than Labour.

They had a landslide General Election victory in the early 1900s. Make it happen again.

Whilst we continually have a two horse race between Conservatives and Labour, you and I, will never see any real difference. Nor proper co-operation with the EU, and, around the rest of the World.

At least, here within the UK, make it a three horse race.

Richard Grant

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