MY WIFE and I were sitting outside a café the other day enjoying a sandwich and a ‘cuppa when a smiling-faced man appeared and said in a loud voice, “I was driving this morning and I was stopped by a policeman and told I would be reported. I asked him why and he said I’d been doing 60 miles per hour. I said ‘How come? I only left home 20 minutes ago’!”

We chuckled at this and he moved on.

Three minutes later, he reappeared and said, “I went to the doctor’s the other day and he looked at his notes and said, ‘I haven’t seen you for some time’. I said, ‘I know, I’ve been ill’”!

We couldn’t stop laughing for some minutes.

I wonder why we spend so much on celebrities to amuse us when such talent is available for free!


Garfield Avenue