I was shocked to see that Morrisons in Bridport is still selling disposable barbecues that are prominently displayed on the forecourt of the shop.

This is at a time of heightened danger from grass and heathland fires with multiple signs banning fires and barbecues. As has been reported, these fires are often caused by carelessly discarded barbecues and can be devastating both for householders and wildlife, not to mention the risk to the firefighters sent to deal with them.

I asked a Duty Manager why they were still on sale. He said he had been asked the same question by many people (I think there’s a message there) and that he had addressed the question to Morrisons’ Head Office.

The answer: they are going to stop selling them - “once current stock has been sold”. How ridiculous. It demonstrates their total lack of concern and shows disrespect to the community. Their decision is obviously based on avoiding a (small) financial loss to them versus hundreds of thousands of pounds loss to the community and risk to life.

Incidentally, the manager also mentioned that a colleague at the shop was a retained firefighter who had been called out twice that day to deal with grass fires.

Perhaps Morrisons’ ‘Head Office’ could explain their decision to the public?

Ian Moules