Well said Adrian Chapmanlaw launching a petition to put Navitus wind farm back onto public agendas.

It is deeply tragic for all out towns the prospect for this offshore wind farm - 200 turbines nine miles out at sea generating near 1,000 MWatts clean sustainable energy for decades to come - was in 2015 demolished by waves of hysterical over-reaction.

Look in detail at the many far-reaching assessments and surveys there was not one credible reason why the wind farm should not have gone ahead.

I read all the lengthy Environmental Impact reports and no-where did it say the wind farm would impact adversely on tourism to the extent visitor numbers would fall.

What it did say was that during the two years installation period there would be some disruption in coastal areas.

But the huge vast benefits how can we possibly see-off a desperately needed sustainable offshore wind farm because there will be some inconvenience during the construction period, for the largest part far out at sea?

And as for the argument in general “protecting tourism” we are here talking about a mass tourist industry leaving us with uncountable tons of litter on our beaches every summer, overwhelming our towns, gridlock roads, cars in their thousands blocking whole coastal roads.

Are we saying that is not massive negative impact on our towns?

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And worse again Cllrs speaking of the “tranquillity of our towns” with dozens of roaring ear splitting 105dB military jets flying over our towns every summer but low noise level 15dB wind turbines - far out at sea - the world will come to an end.

The arguments along these lines to see off Navitus beyond risible.

The truth and fact is wind farms six or more miles out at sea will not be heard along the shore. That is a proven fact over many decades. And visibility of turbine masks, vanishingly small on the horizon.

Yet cabinet Cllr Mike Green tells us on a website he considers one of his greatest achievements “saving Bournemouth from the threat of Navitus”.

And who Cllr Green saves us from the mass tourist industry, let alone our soaring unstable climate with more and more violently extreme weather crying out for us to make large scale changes?

Every good reason on planet earth this wind farm should now go ahead, as Rampion offshore wind farm went ahead and has been running ten miles off-shore Brighton for five years.

And likewise another forty major wind farms around the UK coast. Costs ever falling for the clean energy we desperately need.


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