The new Prime Minister’s plan to address the energy crisis by ramping up North Sea oil and gas production and lifting the ban on fracking is absurd.

Installing the infrastructure needed to increase domestic oil and gas production will take years, will not reduce energy prices and will come at an enormous cost to our net-zero progress.

Moreover, the PM’s plans will only benefit fossil fuel companies who are already set to profit from the energy crisis to the tune of £170bn (according to Bloomberg).

As the Chancellor observed in his former capacity as Secretary of State for BEIS, establishing a secure and affordable energy supply requires a focus on renewable energy sources. These are faster to develop and nine times cheaper than gas (according to Carbon Brief).

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We need to see investment in the infrastructure to support these technologies, including long-duration storage and battery storage to stabilise power flows and alleviate capacity challenges.

After a summer of sky rocketing energy bills, record heatwaves and water shortages, decisive action is needed. However, the steps set out last week will not meet the PM’s aim of building a stronger, more resilient and more secure United Kingdom. In order to do so, we need policies that will help us combat the climate crisis.

James Basden

Co-founder Director of Zenobē