Nothing illustrates how disconnected from reality Russia’s leader, and the brutes with which he surrounds himself are, than their assertion that the bombing of Putin’s ‘vanity project’ bridge between Russia and Crimea was ‘an act of terrorism’.

What planet are they living on?

The entire world, except for China, Belarus, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela (not exactly bastions of democracy and human rights) see it as a justified response by Ukraine to the invasion of their country by Putin’s butchers who have subjected Ukraine to eight months of non-stop terrorism – including torture, mass executions, the deliberate targeting of residential areas, hospitals, schools and public buildings know to be occupied by women and children seeking shelter.

Just as Hitler did to Germany, Putin is destroying his own country and has turned it into a pariah. It will take decades before Russia can once again be trusted by, respected and hold up its head in the civilised world.

Why Russia has been permitted to remain as one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council beggars belief.


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