As a lifelong Tory, I am becoming increasingly concerned about all the childish squabbling going on in the Tory Party.

Do the trouble making Tory MPs not realise the severe damage are they doing to the party by their continued pathetic behaviour?

Division in the ranks caused by a lot of stupid trouble makers will ensure a free ticket for Starmer into No 10.

It is time for somebody to get a grip on these idiots and point out what the result will be if they don’t grow up and stop this 3rd form squabbling.

All they are doing is helping Labour and the SNP in their efforts to ensure a change of government.

The party must unite or they run the risk of destroying, not only the Conservative Party, but the British way of life that I and my friends have enjoyed for the last 12 years. Why can they not see the damage they are causing?

The current position would not, in my opinion, have pertained had the backstabbers not despatched Boris.

They seem to have been blinded by ‘Partygate’ and took no notice of BJ’s successes in regard to Brexit, the brilliant way he handled Covid and leading the world’s support for Ukraine against the despot Putin.

Something must be done and now or we (Torys) will cease to exist.


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