IN THE cusp of austerity, many people will be considering spreading their meagre resources around to deal with today’s cost of living crisis.

I have taken the time to explain how we can continue to feed our garden birds with little more than everyday waste.

You can feed garden birds and reduce food waste by using over ripened fruit chopped up, peas, sweet corn and mashed potatoes, breakfast cereals and raw oats, unsalted nuts (crushed), bacon fat, grated cheese (not soft cheeses), cooked pasta and rice without sauce.

A boiled egg is considered a treat, leave the shell on, crush it up and serve.

For best results look at what is being eaten by your garden birds, different species eat different food.

Start with a little and increase until there is virtually nothing left by late afternoon.

If possible, buy the cheaper bird feed with plenty of wheat which goes down a treat with sparrows and wood pigeons.

You may attract the attention of a grey squirrel to your bird table - but they feel hunger too.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance, it doesn’t cost anything and clearing away uneaten food before it goes mouldy along with cleaning out your drinkers on a regular basis will help prevent diseases being spread.

Stale bread, crusts, cakes and biscuits broken up along with anything else you may consider is worth trying.

If the birds don’t eat it, stop and try something else.

Our song birds are decreasing at a worrying pace, I can’t imagine a world without a dawn chorus.