THANKS to a far-sighted minister some years ago the Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience Fund (BCCRF) is in place to support Bangladesh’s strategy and action plan.

Food security, social safety, health, investment in research, knowledge and carbon-proof infrastructure as well as disaster management are addressed while poor old Pakistan, like other countries, still suffers from this summer’s catastrophic floods.

Here in the UK we invest in yet more outdated fossil energy, dream our carbon dreams and watch as the cliffs crumble, beaches vanish and BCP’s Head of Climate Action, Dr Montgomery speaks of a “wicked problem” which has not yet been thought through fully yet.

Decades of denial and environmental illiteracy are now bearing disastrous fruit.

Of all the wizard planet-unfriendly ways of getting around we’re exposed to on a daily basis at least the bath tub races are nicely low- carbon!