MEMBERS of the Chesil Sailability group are celebrating a very generous anonymous donation of £6,000.

The group, which was inspired by the Paralympics to offer sailing opportunities for people with disabilities, will use the windfall to buy its very own Access dinghy.

A spokesman said: “This is a great milestone for us, as the two Access boats we are currently using are on loan and we want, and need, to build our own fleet.

“It hasn’t taken us long – five weeks – to get to the point where we find ourselves with more sailors who want to sail than the capacity we currently have.

“We send great thanks to our donor.”

Chesil Sailability now boasts 13 sailor members and has held 23 individual sailing sessions over the past five weeks.

Another exciting development is that the group is involved in the development of a new accessible dinghy, advising the designers on the special adaptations needed.Weekend sessions will be taking place in September when it is too dark to fit in an evening sail.

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