DORCHESTER Town boss Craig Laird has praised Ollie Bassett following the end of his loan spell at the club.

The midfielder has returned to parent club Yeovil Town with immediate effect, and the Magpies' manager said that, although he is a good player, he perhaps wasn’t the right fit for a club battling relegation.

He said: “I really rate Ollie highly as a football player, he’s technically very good, confident on the ball and, in a side sitting in a better position in the league, he’d probably be more of an asset to us.

“Unfortunately his skillset isn’t quite right for a team fighting relegation and having to battle and work hard to gain results.

“He’s more destined to being in a side in a higher position, who can further enhance his skills as a player.

“He’s a luxury player and a very good one at that, and if we were fighting at the top end of the league he’d have fitted into the team a bit better.”

When asked about how far the youngster can go in the game, Laird responded positively.

He said: “Ollie has a future in front of him and it’s all in his hands.

“I wish him all the best and hopefully we see his name in lights, playing somewhere in the Football League so he can achieve what he wants to in the game.”