WEYMOUTH Rowing Club took first place at the Lyme Regis regatta after competing along with 16 clubs from around the south west.

Crews and spectators assembled on the Cobb and Lyme Regis rowing club created a carnival atmosphere with music and refreshments.

Crews raced a kite-shaped course in generally moderate sea conditions.

The weather stayed fair and Weymouth had a day of great successes on the water.

Weymouth ladies' vets in Isolde were the winners in the opening race with the men’s vets having to settle for a well-deserved second place to Lyme Regis in Tempest.

This was followed by the under-16 race where the Weymouth youth crew once more did their club proud by pulling ahead of Bridport in Dagger to win and the under-14 crew also fought hard to achieve a third place.

The ladies' A achieved a well-deserved second position with ladies' C crew holding out for fourth.

In the ladies' B race, Weymouth and Bridport fought for first place with Weymouth edging ahead to take about a two-length lead to win first place.

In the men’s A race, Dagger and Isolde were neck and neck with Weymouth finishing sixth and edging out Bridport to seventh place.

Weymouth ended the day in overall first place with 40 points and Bridport second with 54 points.

However, in the Jurassic League table, Bridport still hold on to first place but now with only one point between Weymouth and Bridport and Langstone moving into third place just above Lyme Regis.

The final Jurassic League regatta will be Sidmouth on August 27 where all clubs will be hoping to improve their results and Weymouth pulling out all the stops in hope of winning back their first place position.

Weymouth ladies' captain Lynn Reynolds said: "Huge success for Weymouth at Lyme Regis. Winning the event overall and clawing back the points in the Jurassic League board, it reminds me how 'oarsome' this club is and how proud I am to be part of it."