CHARLTON Down gained another 20 points in bizarre circumstances and remain unbeaten with just one game to be played.

Peter Tucker's troops had met and were ready to leave to the Sturminster Marshall ground when the captain received an apologetic telephone call from the Sturminster Marshall captain saying that the game was off due to the roller braking down this morning and stuck in the middle of the wicket.

It would not move and too heavy to tow off or push off.

Tucker said: "In all the years I have played cricket I have never heard or seen a team gain 20 points with the help of a roller obstructing the wicket.

"They had telephoned the league to explain the unusual event and had no other choice but to concede the match as they were unable to provide a wicket to play the game.

"I did offer the Sturminster Marshall team to travel the 25 minutes to our ground and play but this was declined as there was some reluctance from a couple of players to travel.

"After all the rain that we have had over the last month it was ironic that the this was probably one of the warmest weekends."

The County Division Three champions complete their campaign this weekend at home to Ashmore.