THE first season of the new ECB-backed Dorset TT25 Development League has drawn to a close and has more than met its aim to provide enjoyable cricket on a friendly and social basis.

The new competition, sponsored by Hearn and Sons, Specialist in Roofing and Rain Water Systems, has bridged the gap between youth cricket and men’s cricket and also for those cricketers who have in the past just given up.

Whole families have been encouraged to become involved in the fortnightly games and therefore in local clubs.

Founder Tommy Tucker hence “TT” said “It has been exciting for me to have the full backing of the ECB to my idea and then too travel, every other week, all over Dorset seeing my new cricket league idea in action and being enjoyed by so many players.

"It was also fantastic to see so many families being involved, helping and watching their brothers, sisters, dads and grand parents.

"A target was for the new league to increase or maintain club numbers in Dorset and provide a new level of social cricket at our clubs at this predominantly younger age.

"Also too provide ladies an opportunity to play in their own league."

A few ladies' matches were played in great spirit and it is hoped that more teams will form and have regular matches in and around Dorset.

The matches have been played on a two-weekly basis in regional areas all over Dorset to keep travelling to a minimum.

Tucker added: "Can I take this opportunity to thank all the coaches and managers who have taken this new idea forward and created so many additional matches for players and our clubs.

"Next season is already being planned and more clubs are looking to enter in all of the areas in Dorset.

"As with any new ideas there will be some tweaks to the format. Some useful comments have been made and will be included to make it even more enjoyable and inclusive for the young and older player.

"I hope that all the coaches and managers can return to their clubs after this first season and look forward to entering a team in next years TT25.

"Bringing a level of cricket to each club which will eventually feed into Evening League or weekend cricket and help sustain our clubs in the future.”