SPEED Week has become an institution with windsurfers, kitesurfers and wacky boats since the early 1970s.

Now in its 45th year, it is the longest running speed event around.

Riders from all over the world come to try their hand on the hallowed ground of Portland Harbour.

Since the beginning the spirit has not changed and it’s definitely on a high this year with the promise of what Hurricane Ophelia could bring to the party.

The event, held at the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy draws a 100+ entry list, with big hitters from all over Europe, to the novice Speed Week virgin and everything in between.

Of course the whacky boats and now sometimes faster kiters enrich the mix.

Its popularity is helped by the fact that under the umbrella of Speed Week, it is the host to the UKWA Speed Championships, sponsored by Hey Dude footwear and the BKSA Kite Speed Championships.

Strong winds cannot be guaranteed in the UK, we are dependent upon low pressure coming in on the week they put in the diary.

This year the date worked well, with Ophelia promising storm force winds for the Monday.

But so far the speeds are not quite enough to break the harbour record of 38.48 knots set by Anders Bringdal of Sweden in 2008.

The fastest of the week so far is fitesurfer, Martin Carter with 37.04 knots and the fastest windsurfer is Patrick Van Hoof from Belgium on 36.52 knots.

The women though are having more success with Zara Davis achieving 32.82 knots.

Breaking the long-standing women’s harbour record set by herself in 2008 by almost half a knot.