THE SATURDAY Recreational Gymnastics Club at the Wey Valley school will resume again this week.

The club, which has been running since September 1996, are inviting youngsters aged between five and 14 to join up for an 18-week term at the Wey Valley School Sports Hall.

The club is organised by the experienced gymnastics coach Don. J. Whistance, sessions take place every Saturday morning between 10.30 and 1.15.

Whistance said: “The course allows the children of all abilities to experience a variety of gymnastic moves using a range of small apparatus such as hoola hoops, ribbons, skipping ropes and small balls alongside the use of benches, vaulting boxes, floor and spring boards.

“Children will concentrate this term on planning, performing and assessing their own sequence and tumbling work.”

They have a friendly, family atmosphere and it is a place where the children can express themselves and feel protected, supported and appreciated on a weekly basis for what they achieve in the form of their own unique gymnastic expressions.

The young gymnasts come from Dorchester, Portland, Weymouth schools and from the surrounding areas to take part and the children are coached by a senior coach alongside junior coaches and include several energetic junior coaches from local secondary schools.

Parents can obtain an application form from their own school who are providing a strong link between club and school or by obtaining a form and further details by contacting 813237 or sending an email to