CAPTAIN of the Weymouth Wildcats Jordan Bull has expressed his gratitude at being named captain of the Wildcats for the season ahead.

Bull, 16, signed for the Wildcats in January and will lead the team into their first meeting, which was scheduled to be on March 31, but was postponed and will now be on April 14.

Bull said: "The team we have got behind us is a really good team, well done to Weymouth for picking the team they have got. I would like to say thank you for letting me be captain."

The squad is a young one for the year ahead and Bull admits the year will be hard, with the team based just outside of Eastbourne in East Sussex.

Bull said: "Points are going to be hard to come by in terms of win meetings but we have got four riders there including myself that can improve greatly and that is what it is all about really.

"If we go out there and lose every meeting we do but I tell you what I doubt we will."

Bull also emphasised that the team is more to build ahead for the following years.

Bull said: "We have got a good team behind us but progression is the main thing for all of us and if we do not do well this season then next season we will have progressed, it is not a team for this year it is next year or the year after.

"It is to build on the team that is what Weymouth is all about."

When asked if this approach takes the pressure off Bull responded: "It is really but there is never any pressure in the sport. We all have fun doing the sport so it is more about that.

"As long as you enjoy it and as a team we learn things on the track and improve each meeting, take each meeting as it comes we will do alright this season I guarantee it."

The postponement of the meeting at the end of March means the team have not yet fully met up.

Bull explained: "I have met a few of them. I have not met them all yet, mainly because of the cancellation of that meeting but they are all really nice blokes. I have seen them last season, it is a really good team.

"They are nice people, all willing to help and that is what we will do we will all help each other and help to learn and progress in the sport."