WEST Dorset duo Tim Girling and Esther Stone are embroiled in a thrilling Atlantic Challenge battle as part of Team GB over in Antrim, Northern Ireland.

They both row for Bridport Gig Rowing Club but are now facing other youth teams from across the globe including from Russia, Quebec and the USA. 

Girling, from Corscombe, said: “It is amazing, it is absolutely phenomenal. It is so brilliant I am so proud and pleased for us.”

The teams have been competing since Saturday, July 21 on a range of events including sailing, rowing and slalom races and the big finale will be tomorrow where GB will hope to finish first.

Team GB are currently second, something which has taken them by surprise as the group only got together for the first time 10 days before the event for a training camp. 

Girling said: “Considering we had a training camp 10 days before and we had never met each other before and now we are winning races against loads of other countries. It is brilliant, it is so brilliant.”

GB have two events left to try and take the overall win for the challenge, with the final race taking place tomorrow.

Girling said: “We are close. We are a close second at the moment so it might happen which would be absolutely amazing.

“I think everyone is thinking about it (the overall win) but not saying.” 
Stone, speaking just after Team GB took first place in their latest race, said: “It feels amazing, I feel great, It is brilliant. Honestly, it is the best feeling ever.”

To get to this stage both of them have had to raise £2,500 to take part in the event and did so through various fundraising events.

Stone said: “It is totally worth everything we have done, all of the training in Portland to travelling here, it has all come to be worth it. It is so amazing and it is such an amazing experience I am so happy I have done it, it’s brilliant.

“I cannot wait, honestly we are racing this afternoon and I am so excited, it is such an amazing experience just going out there.”