WEST Dorset duo Tim Girling and Esther Stone finished a fantastic second as part of a Team GB team in a thrilling Atlantic Challenge battle over in Antrim, Northern Ireland.

They both row for Bridport Gig Rowing Club and faced other youth teams from across the globe including from Russia, Quebec and the USA.

Stone: “I am so pleased.

“We are over the moon about it all and we are especially proud of the final rowing race where we beat Northern Ireland by I think a minute lead on them. It was incredible honestly, the atmosphere after that race was amazing.”

The team remained undefeated in the oars and sails events, as well as picking up six gold medals throughout the course of the event despite overall coming second.

Team GB only got together for the first time 10 days before the event for a training camp and to take part in the event both Girling and Stone have had to raise £2,500.

Stone praised the spirit within the team now, something emphasised by how they have all since returned home.

Stone said: “It is weird not being with everyone anymore, I spent so much time with them and now it is just crazy not being with anyone anymore, I miss them.

“We all got on so well and then we became such great friends and really relied on each other and suddenly everyone is gone. We are staying in touch though, we are all spamming the group chats.”

The next competition will be held in Russia in 2020 and Stone hopes they can go even better next time.

Stone said: “I think we were only 12 points away, Northern Ireland were so brilliant in all of the little competitions and races it just really got at us.

In Russia 2020 I hope we will do a lot better.

“I cannot wait to apply.”, even if I am not I am 100 percent going to support all of the crew all of the way.

“I would 100 percent love to be a part of the crew again.”