CASTLE Cove Ladies' sailing group, part of Castle Cove Sailing Club, have competed for the Joe Isaacs Trophy, in honour of Isaacs who passed away in 2010.

The informal Ladies' sailing group was started in the 1980s with a great deal of assistance from Isaacs, to give ladies at the club the chance to ‘take the tiller’ under less pressured conditions than the club races.

Since then the group has developed into a regular Friday morning sailing outing open to all club members.

Joe Isaacs was a generous, gregarious man who, sadly, died aged 81 while sailing his dinghy during a club race night in Portland harbour.

The Joe Isaacs Trophy race, in his memory, is open to all members of the group and is held every year towards the end of August and was won by Phil Tysoe.

The Ladies' sailing group organiser Micky O’Toole said: "Well done to all who took part - it was great to see so many boats turning out. It was a tricky race with light winds that completely changed direction during the race, and a course where the marks moved as a result! Congratulations to Phil Tysoe for winning the race in his Laser Vago."