WPCA members have been making the most of the last few days of summer and the annual photoshoot was finally held last week.

The much-anticipated event much was forced into a postponement earlier in the month due to high winds and boats away cruising.

Organised by Michael Gregory, six boats, Pennyroyal, Madeleine, Music Maker, Mistral, Stella and Illusion sailed into Weymouth Bay where Michael, as photographer, hove to while the remainder of the fleet sailed past to be photographed.

On completion, the fleet set sail for Lulworth Cove in a light breeze from astern.

The boats anchored to enjoy a pleasant lunch in the sunshine.

Unfortunately, the trip back was a bit more arduous sailing against a strengthening wind but everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day thanking Michael for his organisation.

Earlier on in the week, Mary Banks with crew Martin Figg and Kate Harley sailed Pennyroyal to Christchurch which has a shallow harbour and needs to be approached with great caution.

However, the east Dorset venue was ideal for Pennyroyal’s shallow draft.

The local sailing club were able to give them a berth and they enjoyed a couple of days exploring the historic town.

Cruisers then had to return safely to Weymouth having to avoid the perilous Lulworth Firing Ranges which had resumed action after the summer break.

With summer drawing to a close, the committee’s thoughts are turning towards the winter talks which start on Tuesday, October 3.

These talks are open to all local sailors and details will be published on the club website in the near future.

Visit www.wpcruising.org.uk for updates.