CASTLE Cove Sailing Club’s annual Christmas party, organised, catered, and hosted by the Ladies Sailing Group, was last Saturday night’s charity fundraising event at the club.

Around 90 people fancy-dressed for ‘Christmas on the Farm’.

Farmers in traditional smocks, chickens, The Archers, cows, and Miss Piggy, among others, turned the clubhouse into what resembled a farmers’ market.

Everyone enjoyed a hearty three-course meal, during which there was community singing about muck-spreading, a quiz with supporting veterinarian implement props and some competitive rubber glove ‘milking’ which occasionally missed its target.

Nine good sports surrendered to their table teams dressing them as scarecrows with shredded paper straw substituted for the real thing.

Winner of the best dressed scarecrow, Ralph Painter, said: “Definitely a fun evening, thanks to Ladies Sailing – lots of good food, jolly games and dressing up.

“My table thought I was the obvious candidate for a scarecrow – I wonder why? I think the carrot nose swung it with the judges.” The fun, games and delicious supper raised a magnificent £528 to be shared equally by Fancy’s Farm on Portland and Weldmar.