DORCHESTER Town chairman Matt Lucas insisted the decision to step down from his role is for his successor to “take the club forward”.

Lucas, who fulfilled the role in 2014 on a temporary basis, has since gone on to stay as Magpies’ chief for a further five years.

The Dorchester businessman will vacate the chairman’s position at the club’s next AGM in the summer.

As yet, no parties have declared an interest in succeeding the departing Lucas, who is keen to remain on the club’s board.

He told Echosport: “First of all, when I became chairman back in 2014 it was only for a temporary measure and I’ve been here ever since.

“Becoming the chairman of Dorchester Town was one of the proudest moments of my life and I’m still as proud today.

“But I just feel that at the end of the season is the right time for me to step aside I feel I’ve done my bit as chairman. I certainly don’t see myself going away.

“This club is a major part of my life and if the new chairman or the members feel that they would like me to remain on the board I would be more than happy to do that as it’s a club that I want to continue to serve.

“Now is the right time to step to one side, hoping that someone will come forward and take the club forward.”

Lucas admitted he felt “honoured” at having served in the Magpies’ hotseat for five years.

He said: “I’ve been honoured to stay on as chairman and a lot’s happened within those five years.

“No one has (come forward) which is the reason I’m calling it now.

“As a club we’re always looking to bring the right people in and I’ve been lucky to have so many good people around me, whether that be a board member or the many volunteers we have that work tirelessly for the love of their club.

“When you have people like that around you it’s easy, in many respects, to carry on. What I would like to think is that someone will come forward, knowing there will be a chairman’s role to fill

“Hopefully that person will be the right person to take the club forward.”

He added: “Currently, there’s no-one on the board that has shown an interest in becoming chairman, so that’s why it’s right that we come out now to give people notice and not at the end of the season.

“If (a party is) interested or feel that they can suggest something for us as a club, contact either myself or one of my colleagues at the club.”

Asked for his fondest memories of the club both on and off the pitch, Lucas spoke of introducing new top-class facilities and beating higher-league opposition.

He said: “With regards to off the pitch, the fact that our facilities are being used so much more now. That’s not just with regard to the wonderful pitch that we have.

“The floodlights are on every night and the pitch is being used every day of the week. Also, the bar and the different functions that go on on a daily basis as well.

“The income the club is now able to make has been a massive plus that I will look back on.

“On the pitch, I suppose a mixed bag of feelings. We’ve shown so much potential in many games, you’ve only got to look at this season with some of our away performances.

“Beating two teams from higher leagues in Hungerford and Eastbourne and then coming so close to bringing Barnet back.

“Obviously, it’s very frustrating because we haven’t been able to replicate that form at home and there’s no-one more than me that wants to see that.”

Lucas added that his decision is partly made to spend more time with family and on his business.

“I’ve obviously got a business but before that, it’s family. My family have been so, so supportive of me whilst being chairman of the club.

“I would also feel that now is the time to put them first and work hard on the business as well, but to still carry on working ever so hard for the club that I love,” he said.