SAILORS at Castle Cove Sailing club were given a talk in how to prevent problems by Bryn Jones, trainer of RNLI Sea Safety and technical expert from Sea Start Ltd.

The talk focused on ‘diesel bug’, which occurs in fuel tanks at the interface of fuel and any water that may have accidentally entered the tank by condensation or contamination.

It is formed by microbiological growth and can form a sludge that is a major cause of breakdowns, by blocking filters or pipelines, according to Jones.

There were 25 sailors to hear Jones’ talk, and during an entertaining and informative presentation, Jones summarised the most common causes of engine breakdowns and the simple measures that can be taken to avoid them.

In his view, despite technical developments, boat engines were not becoming more reliable and the three most common faults remained those of electrics, fuel and overheating.

Particularly graphic was the example of ‘diesel bug’ that Bryn brought for people to look at.

He said this can best be avoided by ensuring water does not enter fuel tanks, and using fuel additives.

Jones also advised taking some engine spares and knowing how to fit them.