JACK Carter is looking to put postponement frustrations behind him when he faces Victor Edagha at Westlands Leisure Centre in Yeovil on Saturday.

It will be Carter’s second fight after turning professional last year.

Carter, from Portland, had been originally set to face his second fight in December of last year, before he had to pull out with injury.

His next fight was then cancelled when the lead fight pulled out.

Carter said: “I am well looking forward to it, I can’t wait.

“I am more hungry than ever after all that has gone on with the bad luck that I have had.”

However, Carter has kept training during the postponements and is ready for the fight which he admits could be the closest he will get to a home show.

Carter, discussing his opponent, said: “He is a very experienced and awkward fighter.

“What I have seen of him before he boxes people in a really unorthodox way.

“I am going to have to work for it, he does not get stopped very often.

“He is a tough lad – he knows his way around a ring for sure.

“It is the closest thing I am going to get to a home show I think, unless they do something at the pavilion.

Carter began his career last year, with a victory over Cristian Hoskins-Gomez on points after four rounds at the O2 Academy in Bournemouth.

Carter would like to thank his sponsors: Weyline Taxis, iBuy and Sell Jewellers, J Carter Jewellery, Aslan Bar & Grill Weymouth, Weymouth Business Exchange, Shimmer and Shine Cleaning Services and Casterbridge Chiropractic, Crossworks Design and Sherrens.