WEYMOUTH fell to a very-strong Exeter Falcons team in a 23-13 defeat at Wimborne Road in the Midland and Southern Development League.

James Laker again top scored for the Wildcats and the entire meeting with 10, while James Jessop added a further three points.

However, this was unable to compete with the likes of Plymouth rider Adam Sheppard and James Chattin, who got six and eight respectively.

Sam Peters fell foul of bike problems after the first heat, and as a result was withdrawn from the rest of the contest.

Sheppard had a superb night for the Falcons, before his back tyre blew out on heat six causing him to hit the air fence.

Laker opened up with a second in the first heat, behind Sheppard as Exeter took an early 4-2.

Cesca Kirtley-Paine started too fast and hit the tapes in the second heat, while in heat three Laker claimed the victory ahead of Chattin.

Heat four was a 5-1 to Exeter, with Jessop claiming the sole point for the Wildcats.

Heat five saw Laker replace Peters, and he subsequently got bogged down in the first bend, but claimed second behind Chattin and ahead of Ward who finished third.

Heat six wrapped up the night with Sheppard’s tyre blowing out, and, in the re-run of the race, Laker won, ahead of Chris Andrews.

However, the margin of victory had already been established for the Falcons, with 23-13 the final scoreline.

Wildcats co-promoter James Tresadern told Echosport: “Generally on Thursday a lot of people stayed to watch, and the guys are getting so much support from the Poole fans.

“It is wonderful to see, a couple of the Exeter guys have messaged me (on Friday morning) saying how nice the track was, so obviously to Poole’s credit they have done some major work on it because they have done their 15 heats. It was raceable, it wasn’t ride-able it was raceable.

“It was all good, so on to the next one.

Discussing the Falcons, Tresadern said: “We know all about James Chattin, he has ridden National Development League, he is up there with James Laker.

“All credit to everyone on Thursday, it was all done and dusted with hardly any incident, with just Adam’s fall really which couldn’t be helped. But it was a great night.

Next up for the Wildcats is when they host Birmingham Bulls on August 1.

Weymouth Wildcats: Laker 10, Jessop 3, Peters 0, Kirtley-Paine 0

Exeter Falcons: Sheppard 6, Ward 4, Andrews 5, Chattin 8