RAMPISHAM racer Daniel Mackintosh endured a manic day to reach the final of the Rotax Go-Kart festival at Clay Pigeon Raceway.

Mackintosh escaped unharmed from a crash in the second heat, but endured vehicle damage, leaving him a fight to reach the final which he succeeded with before he went on to finish 26th.

There were a lot of entries in all categories with many past and current champions amongst them, which is a highlight for drivers from all over the south and west driving Rotax-engined karts to show their racing talent.

The racing was fierce and fast and no quarter is given, as the top drivers competed for the coveted ‘E’ plate to put on their kart for the next 12 months.

Mackintosh was competing in his first MSA race since his return after a three-year sabbatical and was driving in the Junior Rotax Class.

A great start from Mackintosh saw him claim eighth fastest in the first practice session but, he was tested early in his first heat by getting pushed off the track at the first corner ending up in last position but he managed to claw himself back to finish in the middle of the pack.

In the second heat, 30 karts were on the grid with speeds up to 60mph, but a confused start caused several karts to come together at the Esses with one flipping over.

Mackintosh avoided the initial accident but found himself confronted by a spun kart facing him at the exit and collided head on.

Both karts were badly damaged but both drivers avoided injury, unfortunately, the driver of the flipped kart was taken to the medical centre and then on to hospital.

Mackintosh’s kart could not be repaired in time for the restart so he could not post a time in the second heat.

Grid positions for the final are decided by averaging the finishing position in the heats.

With only 30 places available Daniel would now need to race in a ‘B’ final and finish in the top four places to earn the opportunity to contest the ‘A’ final.

Starting seventh, he managed to finish third after once again being shunted at the first corner ending up in 10th place.

The final proved to be a baptism of fire, where Mackintosh started 26th in the ‘A’ final and finished 26th, which was a good result in the circumstances, a tough day and several bruises to nurse.

It was a massive learning curve for Mackintosh but he is keen to go again which will be in the fourth and final round of the summer IKR Championship on Saturday, July 27.