JAMIE Gunn broke the Dorset Development Competition record for boys 11 years old in the 200m butterfly by an incredible 16 seconds at the 2019 Dorset Development Competition.

Gunn was one of Weymouth’s team of 16 swimmers who earned an impressive total of 42 personal bests over the two day gala.

Swimmers from the club won a total of 36 medals: 11 gold, 15 silver and 10 bronze.

Gold medals were won by Sadie Robinson in the 10 years’ 100m butterfly and 100m backstroke, Jamie Gunn in the 11 years’ 200m individual medley, 100m breaststroke, 200m butterfly and 200m breaststroke.

Lauren Nutman also saw gold in the nine years’ 100m butterfly, plus Abigail Seawards in the 12 years’ 200m freestyle and 200m backstroke.

There were also golds for Geoffrey Goodrich, who excelled in the 10 years’ 200m butterfly and Nicolas Gburek in the 10 years’ 200m breaststroke.

The Dorset Development Competition is a yearly gala where swimmers from clubs all around Dorset under the age of 18 can compete in this stepping stone event to earn times for the county competition next February.

Head coach Nicky Brunell said: “The club is extremely proud of all its swimmers who took part and their results are reward for the training that they put in.”

Results: Nine years: Lauren Nutman: 100m butterfly gold, 100m backstroke silver and 100m freestyle bronze.

10 years: Sadie Robinson: 100m butterfly gold, 100m backstroke gold, 50m breaststroke silver, 50m butterfly silver, 100m breaststroke silver, 50m freestyle silver and 200m freestyle bronze; Geoffrey Goodrick: 200m butterfly gold, 100m butterfly bronze and 50m butterfly bronze; Nicolas Gburek: 200m breaststroke gold.

11 years: Jamie Gunn: 100m breaststroke gold, 200m butterfly gold, 200m breaststroke gold, 200m individual medley gold, 100m backstroke silver, 50m backstroke silver and 200m freestyle silver; Lucas Condell: 400m freestyle bronze and 200m backstroke bronze; Rowan White: 50m freestyle silver, 100m individual medley silver and 100m backstroke bronze.

12 years: Abigail Sedwards: 200m freestyle gold, 200m backstroke gold, 200m individual medley silver, 100m breaststroke silver and 50m breaststroke bronze.

13 years: Freya Barrington: 50m freestyle silver, 100m individual medley silver, 100m butterfly silver and 100m breaststroke bronze.

14 years: Elena Sedwards: 50m butterfly bronze.