DORCHESTER boss Callum Brooks hailed a ‘great moment’ as two youngsters combined to score the Magpies’ fifth goal in the 5-0 rout away at Totton.

Charlie Gosney, 16, was able to cross in towards Oli Lowes, 17, who nodded in to score his first goal for the club, while Dom Panesar-Dower also made it on to the scoresheet.

Brooks told Echosport: “Dom has been really, really bright lately in training, so it is obviously nice to see him get on the scoresheet as well.

“When we went 4-0 up, I had four 16 and 17-year-olds on the bench, and we decided to roll them all out for the last eight minutes. Obviously we have commitment to developing players and we see it as an opportunity.

“So we got the young kids on and it was a great moment at the end, because a 16-year-old from the right (Gosney) crossed it to a 17-year-old on the left (Lowes) and he scored his first goal for the club.

“So as a whole the afternoon, our first team players have got the minutes, we have had a good result and but we have also got some good, invaluable experience into young players that we believe have got a bright future.

“But they wont have a bright future unless we are prepared to put some time into them.”

Tom Bath also grabbed a double, while River Smith was also on the scoreboard for Dorchester in a dominant performance from the Magpies.

Brooks said: “It wasn’t an easy result to attain, but it was a very powerful and professional performance from us for sure.”

Brooks has been aiming to put more minutes into his squad and is focusing on powerful performances for the rest of pre-season, which continues at Bemerton Heath Harlequins tomorrow (7.45pm).

Brooks said: “Throughout pre-season we have shifted the focus towards leaving our group playing longer, so over the final two games now we are just going to raise the bar a little bit and tilt the focus towards powerful performances which hope to lead into results as we prepare for August 10.

The Magpies also host Winchester City before their first match of the Bet Victor Southern Premier South, which is at home to Beaconsfield Town on August 10.

Despite a lot of signings having come into his side, Brooks is very happy with how his side are bonding, with the group having gone out socialising together following the win over Totton.

Brooks said: “The group is coming together really nicely, obviously I provide a framework for that but you rely on players buying into the vision.

“You can sign all the players in the world but you never know whether they are going to come together.

“I’m noticing real positive signs, the lads went out (on Saturday) and there is a lot of them attending, I can’t make someone attend something, that is optional, so the fact that they want to spend time together is a real positive.”