WEYMOUTH Wildcats suffered a thumping 24-11 defeat to Milton Keynes Knights in their Midland & Southern Development League meeting at Swindon.

In the first heat, James Laker got the Wildcats off to a good start, winning the race as the two sides drew 3-3.
However, the second saw the tide turn in the favour of the Knights, with a 5-1 victory, with Cesca Kirtley-Paine claiming the sole point for Weymouth after James Jessop fell off.

Heat three was a closer 4-2 affair, with Jessop claiming a second-placed finish for the Wildcats.

Heat four was a 5-0 loss for the Wildcats, effectively sealing the defeat, as James Laker fell and, in the re-run, Sam Peters was unable to claim a point.

Jessop bagged a point in the next heat, another 5-1 defeat for the Wildcats, before Weymouth claimed a last-race victory with a 4-2 win in the sixth race.

The result means the Wildcats stay winless in the league so far this season, with one draw in that time, but with four races still to go.

Wildcats’ co-promoter Martin Peters told Echosport:  Things didn’t go according to plan as we had kind of hoped.

“They ended up being slightly stronger on the day than what they were going to be. We had a couple of falls which took a few points off.

“There was a little bit of bad luck and it should have been closer.

“Our top guy James Laker and James Chattin, who came in late for Milton Keynes, are kind of roughly on a par pretty much.

"Their other three are slightly better than our other three and that is where they beat us really.” 

The Wildcats are next in action when they travel to Birmingham on Wednesday, September 4.