WEYMOUTH is set to host the European Federation of Sea Anglers annual Boat and Line Class Championships this weekend.

Over 80 anglers from 16 countries from as far away as South Africa will begin arriving, many with family members, tomorrow to compete in this prestigious event.

On Sunday at 4.30pm there will be a uniformed parade from the seafront clock tower to the Weymouth Pavilion of all the teams with their respective flags carried by junior members of Weymouth Angling Society.

At the Pavilion they will meet the Mayor and Mayoress, Cllr Graham and Mrs Mary Winter along with senior officials of European Federation of Sea Anglers.

The official opening ceremony will then be held in the Pavilion ballroom.

There will be five days of competitive angling with boats leaving the harbour from near the Condor offices at approximately 7.30am each morning returning to harbour from approximately 3.30pm onwards.

Daily results will be posted at the Crown Hotel in Weymouth which is headquarters for the event and where a lot of the anglers will be staying.

On the evening of Friday, September 13, a gala dinner and presentation will be held in the Pavilion ballroom.

The parade is being staged with the assistance of Dorset Council, Dorset Highways, Bradsons Events Services, Poole Dolphin Band and Weymouth Pavilion.

There will be further assistance for the event from the Crown Hotel, Fladen Fishing UK, Kiddy Wholesale Ltd, Bluezone Fishing Ltd, Weymouth Angling Centre and Weymouth Angling Society.