THE Weymouth Social Volleyball League season gets back underway on Wednesday.

Beginners and those more experienced are welcome to go along and join in, there is a huge mix within the league and it is open to anyone interested.

The league is competitive but also with a focus on being active, friendly and social.

There are 12 established teams across three divisions, with the more elite teams in Division One, going down to Division Three.

Serita Shone, who helps assists the organisers, said: “Reigning champions Hot Digs are looking to complete a second title at the end of the season.

“There are several new teams entering, who are looking to take the title but throughout the leagues there are the divisional champions who are looking to be promoted and hopefully not get relegated.

“We want to enjoy ourselves, be competitive and have the values of sport and respect, equally together as we progress through the season.

“Rather than wanting to just win and you do not care about how you do it, we are very much promoting people enjoying themselves, learning new skills, but also being respectful along the way.”