(Meeting abandoned)

WEYMOUTH Wildcats were scuppered by a sudden blackout when leading 4-2 against Exeter Falcons in their final Midland & Southern Development League meeting.

Plymouth’s floodlit St Boniface Arena was suddenly plunged into darkness by a powercut immediately after Weymouth’s Andrew Palmer had taken victory in the first heat of six, helping secure a 4-2 before the clash was abandoned.

Echosport understands the meeting could either be declared a draw or rescheduled for Thursday – although the latter would place the Wildcats in difficulty with a host of their riders unavailable.

Speaking to Echosport, Wildcats’ co-promoter Martin Peters said: “We went out for the first race – Andrew won it and Sam (Peters) came third, so it was 4-2 to us.

“The guys were ready to go out for the second heat and then all the lights went out – that was it.

“So we went all that way for one heat.”

Commenting on the potential re-arrangement, Peters said: “They wanted to do it on Thursday, the only problem with that is we can’t get a team.

“JJ (James Jessop) is injured, Cesca (Kirtley-Paine) is getting married soon so she can’t go. Jacob Clouting can’t make it and Andrew can’t get the time off work.

“I think it will be classed as a draw because it’s not going to make any difference to the league.”

Peters added: “The most important thing is that it happened in between heats because it went pitch black. That could’ve caused trouble. If (there) was a good time for it to happen, that was the time.”