DORCHESTER Town manager Callum Brooks said there was “no way” his team should have lost their Southern League Premier Division south match against Harrow Borough on Saturday at The Avenue Stadium

Speaking to Echosport, Callum said: “Initially I was talking to the linesman throughout the second half and without the amount of stoppages there should have been about ten or twelve minutes which the linesman agreed with.

“I was quite animated with the linesman and then he assured me the referee would add that time on and told me to calm down.

“The reason I was concerned was because you don’t often see referees add on that amount of time and you don’t often see them add on the correct amount of time.

“When I was told it was five minutes, I was extremely agitated because it was factually wrong and then he didn’t even keep it to five minutes.

“I don’t want to blame referees for nothing, I have to accept the fact that they don’t always do their job right. I don’t’ think I was the only person in that ground yesterday who would have seen that as strange.”

After the final whistle was blown, there appeared to be an altercation in the away dugout. Speaking about that, Brooks said: “I wasn’t there. I headed straight downstairs because I had an overriding feeling of extreme disappointment.

“As I went downstairs, I shook hands with the opposition manager, he commiserated me about the way we had lost the game.

“I found out about the other bits from reading (Echosports) stuff. I had enough to worry about after the game without worrying about external stuff.”

Tom Blair was sent off in The Magpies defeat after being shown two yellow cards by the referee.

Brooks commented: “He picked up a needless yellow card after 20 minutes, which is happening again and again.

“He gave away two absolutely needless fouls and was a concern for the rest of the game.

“When you’re under enough pressure anyway, the last thing you can do is add more on yourself and that’s exactly what Tom did.

“Tom’s frustration was getting the better of him as it has done on too many occasions. If you’re on a yellow card you’re extremely vulnerable. Looking at it objectively it certainly seemed costly.

Football is about putting the ball in the net more than the opposition. We had good clear-cut chances in that game and didn’t capitalise. But there is no way we should have lost that game.”

Callum also commented on the allegations that there were racist comments within the home section of the stadium.

“I know the club have released a statement saying it will be dealt with internally.

“I was over on the other side of the ground and my only knowledge was seeing the referee stop the game twice.

“I’ve not seen any more than that. I was a long way from it. I know the club’s stance on it and my stance on it is that there is no place for that in football.

“I will leave it down to an investigation to find out what did and didn’t happen.”