GREY Ranks Boxing Club hosted their first ever boxing show on October 26 in the Willowbed Hall and it was a great success.

The event was sponsored by Darvin Holdings Ltd, and Weyline Taxis. The Prince Regent hotel supported the show.

In total, there were ten bouts which included seven boxers from Grey Ranks all ready to perform in a sold-out show.

Millie Thomas, Hedley Richardson and Travis Reynolds all performed well and won their skill bouts.

In the seniors, Ryan ‘Rocky’ Gruub lost by a very close, split decision against Rory O’Shea from Rumbles Boxing Club. Both boxers showed great quality and deserved the ‘best bout of the show.’

Harvey Watson fought well against Dorchester boxer Harrison Parkins however took some strong punches to the body which prompted the coach to throw in the towel.

On his debut, Sam Scriven performed well as he clashed with Marcellus Hill from Scrappers Boys but, after three rounds, the judge’s verdict was a split decision in favour of Marcellus.

In the final bout of the evening, middle-heavyweight Lukasz Kucharski battled Ben Andrews from Torbay Boxing Club.

Both boxers adopted a very offensive style which excited the capacity crowd. The first round was very equal, however Lukasz moved up a gear in the next round and knocked his opponent down with some aggressive boxing.

There were some heavy blows in the final round from both competitors, however the judges were unanimous in awarded Lukasz the victory.

Grey Ranks Boxing Club coach, Martin Fojt, said: “I know my boxers and I know what they can do and tonight they gave 100%.

“Millie Thomas, Sam Scriven and Harvey Watson on went into the ring for the first time officially. This is massive pressure and responsibility in front of your parents and 200 spectators.

“Ryan boxed very well, and the verdict could have gone either way. Kucharski is doing well, and he is improving with every fight.

“I would like to say thank you to all the sponsors, coaches, boxers, officials and supporters because without them we couldn’t have made such an amazing Grey Ranks debut.”

If you would like to join Grey Ranks Boxing Club, call Martin Grey Ranks on 07502438889.