Premier Division



GEORGE Bar and Grill claimed their third win of the season with a 66-31 triumph over Expert Catering.

Both teams came out fighting but strong short passes from George helped them take an early lead.

George’s Rachel Scarff (GS) and Rachel Lockwood (GA) made a dynamic duo, scoring a phenomenal 22 points combined in the second quarter. Light drizzle made for slippery conditions but neither team seemed fazed.

A tactical change at half-time saw Expert’s Lauren Holder move to WD, showing her defensive skill to stem George’s scoring flow. Expert struggled to convert scoring opportunities, however, giving George the advantage going into the final quarter.

Expert moved the multi-talented Holder to GA, where she was influential in lowering the score difference. George kept calm and found the net to maintain their strong lead.

In the end, George proved why they are in the Premier Division, with spectacular play across court earning them the victory.

Division One



WAIKIKI clinched a 30-26 win over Exe Training in the final minutes of this back-and-forth match.

Exe claimed the first point, with GS Niamh Randall quickly racking up a few more to gain an early lead. Waikiki struggled to overcome Exe’s rigid defence and, despite securing a few good goals, could not catch up to their opponents.

Waikiki came back with great pressure, taking control of rebounds to even the score. Exe tightened their defence and capitalised on scoring opportunities to regain the lead going into half-time.

Exe came back with brilliantly fluid play but Waikiki kept them out of the D. Interceptions from both sides kept the scores low for this quarter but Waikiki made the most impact, bringing themselves only two points behind Exe.

Exe used great tactical play to maintain possession, however, Waikiki made the most of scoring opportunities thanks to excellent precision from Emily Peacock (GA).

Exe pulled ahead slightly but Waikiki gave one final push to score a string of goals and earn the win.



LEADERS Buglers kept their perfect record with a fantastic 49-16 win over bottom side WJNC.

WJNC’s Amelie Comben-Lindsey (GS) and Georgia Pearson (GA) displayed confident shooting to overcome a strong Buglers defence and gain an early lead. Some great tips from Buglers’ defenders created scoring opportunities, allowing Buglers to take the lead by the end of the quarter.

Emily England (GS) and Kat Frampton (GA) of Buglers were on fire, coming back to score a string of goals whilst combatting tight marking from WJNC. Buglers upped their defence in the third quarter.

Despite some great feeding, WJNC were unable to find the net, leaving Buglers to ramp up the score difference.

Buglers maintained their composed play in their highest-scoring quarter, emerging triumphant after an outstanding game.

Division Two



ALLWAYS Removals won their third game of the season with a 51-24 success over Artifex C.

The match started evenly as both teams found their rhythm. Artifex utilised space well to permeate a rigid defence.

However, Allways made superb use of rebounds to edge ahead slightly.

Allways’ C, Becky Warland, provided good options around the circle with precise feeding for her shooters to get the perfect position.

Artifex upped their game to create better flow but Allways limited their opponents’ scoring opportunities, while increasing their lead convincingly.

Both teams came back refreshed after half-time, resulting in more equal scoring, but Allways’ hard work in the first half kept the win within their reach.

A scoring spree saw Allways boost their lead significantly. Artifex’s Marcelina Przybyz (C) had superb stamina, chasing every ball. However, Artifex could not catch Allways, who claimed a well-earned victory.


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